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The new hard-hitting documentary on the dumping of toxic computer wastes to China that continues to open peoples’ eyes to the true horror of the high-tech revolution.What people are saying about “Exporting Harm”:

“Everyone, every industry CEO, every solid waste manager, every politician, every student, every citizen, should see Exporting Harm. We need to establish sustainable systems for managing used electronic products. This video shows what not to do, and will help guide us all to ultimately do the right thing.” – Mr. Sego Jackson, Principal Planner of Snohomish County, Washington State, Solid Waste Management Division and NEPSI (National Electronics Product Stewardship Initiative) stakeholder.

“If there ever was a question about where the majority of the U.S.
e-scrap is going, this documentary presents undeniable evidence. U.S. generators and recyclers of e-scrap must pursue domestic solutions to stop the devastating impact that e-scrap is having on the people and environment of China.”
 – Ms. Lauren S. Roman, Vice President of United Recycling Industries, Inc.

“Exporting Harm” is an incredible video that strips the facade off of computer ‘recycling’ and shows the underside of corporate globalization in ways that will shock and outrage most people. It reveals the “dirty secrets” of the high-tech revolution and provides a ringing call to action for corporate responsibility, and a call for global environmental justice. This film should win a bunch of awards. – Ted Smith, Executive Director of Silicon Valley Toxics Coalition and NEPSI stakeholder.

Who should be interested in “Exporting Harm”:

  • Policy Makers
  • Solid Waste Officials
  • Consumers (users of computers)
  • Educators and Students
  • Original Electronic Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs)
  • Recyclers
  • Environmental and Human Rights Activists

Who has already seen “Exporting Harm”:

  • Delegates of the Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) meeting of the Waste Prevention and Recycling Working Group
  • Stakeholders of the National Electronics Product Stewardship Initiative (NEPSI)
  • Stakeholders of the Western Electronics Product Stewardship Initiative (WEPSI)
  • Participants of the 2002 Electronics Products Recycling and Recovery Conference (EPR2)
  • Participants of the 4th Annual Hazel Wolf Environmental Film Festival
  • Participants of the 2002 IEEE International Symposium on Electronics and the Environment
  • Participants of the Recycling Council of British Columbia Conference
  • Delegates of the Basel Convention’s Technical and Legal Working Groups

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