BAN Report / October 24, 2005
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Information Recovered from Discarded Hard Drives of Computers in Lagos, Nigeria


Names and personal identification information has been removed (marked out) from all documents.

Hard Drive Maker IBM Caviar Caviar Samsung
Likely computer owner/country

Great Britain

United States

United States
Washington, DC

United States
Washington, DC

Teacher/business owner Local Department of Health and Family Services Owner was employee of Dept of Commerce Owner was retired dentist
Overview of what was found on hard drive Overview Overview Overview Overview
Examples of specific files recovered, containing confidential information Performance management scores for employees Gifts and Grants expenditure list WORD template for the World Bank Personal letter
Letter Resume and job application Private letter to family member Letter to Dept of Finance and Revenue
Disciplinary Letter to employee Stop Payment requests Curriculum vitae Curriculum Vitae
    Private letter to a friend  
    Memo on Social Investment Fund  

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