Toxic Trade News / 08 April 2015
Egregious Acts of Electronics Recycler Negligence by Stone Castle Recycling

Salt Lake Tribune Publishes In-Depth Stories following BAN Reports

April 8th, 2015 – 

Please find links to interesting reporting on yet another irresponsible recycler – Stone Castle Recycling, and their enablers in Utah.

BAN’s researcher Eric Hopson scans the TV wasteland at Stone Castle Recycling, Parowan, Utah. Copyright BAN 2014.

  1. Utah TV dumps turning into an e-waste nightmare, liability for taxpayers
  2. Who’s to blame in Utah’s electronics recycling debacle? All of us
  3. Photos
  4. BAN Report

Stone Castle e-Waste fire, burned TVs looking westward. Copyright BAN 2014.

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